Pure Ground Collagen Pink Tone-Up Sun Cream SPF50+ – 70ml




  • • Collagen Pink Tone-up Sun Cream from Korea.
  • • Suitable for Normal, Signs of Ageing, Acne-prone, Sensitive Skin.
  • • Provides 41-50 SPF sun protection for the face.
  • • Non-waterproof, 70 ml volume.
  • • Triple care formula for all skin types.
  • • Store in a dry and cool place.

Features –
“Triple functional sun cream, which not only cares sunlight but also care waterproof and
moisturizing. Which is easily absorbs to the skin with light and thin texture”
Volume – 70g

Function –
1. SPF +50
2. Waterproof
3. Moisturizing

How to use –
1. Squeeze appropriate amount.
2. Apply to face. (This may only apply to the spots that need special care.)
3. Absorb it gently with a pat and circular motion by hands.


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